Computer Science & Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology,Sylhet

Academic Syllabus (2010 Batch)

4th Year-2nd Semester
Total Credit Theory Credit Lab Credit
14 6 8
Subject Name Type Credit
CSE4** Option-II theory 3
CSE4** Option-II Lab lab 1.5
CSE406 Viva Voce lab 1
CSE408 Project lab 4
CSE425 Digital Signal Processing theory 3
CSE426 Digital Signal Processing Lab lab 1.5
Option II

You must have to take at least one course from the list

You also can take more than one course

Subject Name Type Credit
CSE427 Fiber Optics theory 3
CSE428 Fiber Optics Lab lab 1.5
CSE475 Machine Learning theory 3
CSE476 Machine Learning Lab lab 1.5